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Top 5 Best Nursing Shoes for Women – Buyers Guide

If you have arrived on this page, you are probably searching for the best nursing shoes for women that can help you to get through your long shift. As a nurse, you spend your whole day moving around, carrying different objects, putting all stress on your back and more. Because you are spending your day on your feet, having a good pair of nursing shoes can make you at least comfortable with all the hard work.

Good Nursing Shoes

Good nursing shoes does not only offer comfort but they can as well decrease the pressure and stress on your back, legs and joints which will give you all over protection. Your feet have to be protected from any possible injuries and good shoes would not let you slip in your workplace especially if you have to run or walk faster than usual.

We can help you find the best nursing shoes for women by considering all the characteristics of what good nursing shoes should have. There are also many types of nursing shoes that you can choose from.

Three Types of Nursing Shoes

Here are the three types of nursing shoes. Depending on your needs, knowing the types lets you decide which one you really need.


This type is the most common nursing shoes for a reason. It is not only stylish but clogs are very comfortable because of the open back and big space in front. This type allows great ventilation on the feet which can minimize pressure and stress. Because the feet are comfortable enough, back, ankle, knee and legs are comfortable as well which promotes better posture. This characteristic lets nurses to spend longer hours on their feet!

Slip-On Shoes

This type of nursing shoes is perfect for busy working areas because there is no need to worry anymore about having to tie shoe laces. Aside from that, undone laces can get caught in something which can cause you to slip while holdingdangerous stuff that can harm you. Laces can also pick up unwanted contaminants which will be pretty annoying to wash. With slip-on shoes, the time for tying laces is removed and the worry about undone laces is also crossed out! It’s also easy to put it on and off and shoes like this is definitely a nurse’s best friend!


Sneakers nurse shoes are also called nursing tennis shoes. These are also considered great to use because they are designed for long lasting and continuous usage while giving comfort to nurses! However, some hospitals or departments are very strict when it comes to uniform so if you are experiencing any pain such as back pain or heel pain, do not hesitate to ask your employer if you could use sneakers while working.

Characteristics of Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Standing and running around on your feet the whole day can be such a pain especially if you are not using the right shoes! According to an old saying, wear the right shoe for the right activity. So the activities of nurses also require these characteristics in order to be more productive at work.

#1 Comfort and Padding

These two characteristics are important because painful feet are caused by lack or unsuitable padding and comfort. If the feet are not comfortable, it can cause irritation and mood swings which can affect your productiveness at work. So when searching for the best nursing shoes for women, it is important to consider comfort as top 1 priority.

#2 Fit

Of course, you need to get shoes that are fit to you. Make sure that the nursing shoes you will buy has the right size as your size or else your feet will be compressed which can only make you irritable at work.

#3 Balance and Support

The best nursing shoes for women as well as for men need to provide balance and support in order to keep your feet strong and protected throughout your long shifts. Most shoes today have features that promote support and balance for slippery or hard surfaces especially for medical professionals.

#4 Ventilation

It is important to allow ventilation to your feet. Wearing the same shoes for more than 12 years does not only make feet sweaty but it can also lead to foot odor which is pretty embarrassing. Aside from that, infections such as athlete’s foot are likely to develop. Keeping your feet cool is vital. Shoes that are easy to remove such as slip-ons let you remove your shoes from time to time. Clogs also allow easy ventilation.

#5 Materials Used

The most common nursing shoes are leather as these allow the feet to breath. There are also other types that are perfect for safety purposes which can prevent the feet from getting wet from spillages and others. The materials used are important for many reasons such as the lifespan of the shoes and the protection it offers for your feet.

Top 5 Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Knowing the types of nursing shoes as well as the characteristics that you should look for when finding the best nursing shoes for women, we will show you some of the best-selling nursing shoes for women.

#1 Skechers Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker - Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Offering great comfort with foot-bed, this shoe has beautiful design. It is made of leather and has supportive air cushion in heel. It is a slip-on type which can be free from the hassle of tying laces. If you are searching for comfortable white nursing shoes that are different from traditional clogs, you can check this out!

PROs of this product:

  • It has supportive rubber sole and is designed to easily slip-on and off of the foot. This lets you save your time by removing the hassle of shoe laces.
  • It is made of leather which can allow your feet to breathe freely.
  • Rubber sole is strong and takes the everyday wear in stride.
  • Includes a padded tongue and collar, a cushioned foot bed.
  • It has EVA midsole for great shock absorption and its durable non-marking rubber outsole provides amazing grip.

CONs of this product:

  • This shoe is not for high instep or arches. Great for people with low and medium arches.
  • Not easy to get the right size. The sizes can be different than your size as many customers have reported that the sizes that they used for years are different for this shoe. Those are only few customers but I would suggest ordering a bigger size so it can fit you perfectly.

#2 Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog- Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Dansko is one of the popular brands in the community of nursing. Many consumers appreciate the very existence of Dansko. The shoes they make are designed specifically for workers who spend long hours on their feet. This shoe has a 2 inch heel and comes in a glossy and mat finish with different colors available such as white, blueberry, brown, black, wine and hickory.

PROs of this product:

  • It is made of leather which allows your feet to breathe freely. This can decrease the possibility of infections and foot odor.
  • Excellent for long working hours. The quality and the leather finishes make sure that the durability is accompanied by both comfort and great design.
  • Great variety of colors and stability. The instep collars are padded and the stability has been enhanced. There are varieties of colors that you can choose.

CONs of this product:

  • Picking the right size for you is not easy. Check carefully when choosing your size and some customers have complained that they have received wrong shoe sizes.
  • It has specific use. These were only meant for people who need to stand around all day and this is not something that you can use in other places or events.

#3 Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Slip-On Clog- Best Nursing Shoes for Women

These shoes are made of leather and have synthetic sole. The platform measures around 0.25 inches. It is a slip-on work clog which features concealed goring insets and protector for stain resistance.

PROs of this product:

  • Very breathable. This allows your feet to prevent sweating and does not feel hot.
  • Great cushion. This lets you feel comfortable during work and can increase productivity. It also allows you to relax your legs and back.
  • Slip on shoes. It is easy to wear it on and off which eliminates the hassle of shoe laces.
  • Easy to clean. You can wipe it after your shift easily which lets you have clean shoes all the time without exerting too much effort.

CONs of this product:

  • Squeaking sound. Like other shoes but not most, it can produce squeaking sounds that can be annoying for some. However, it may depend on the surface.
  • Great only for low or normal arches. Some customers who have high arches are not comfortable wearing the shoes as it felt tighter even with the right size. Most customers with higher arches simply bought one size larger than theirs in order to enjoy the comfy nursing shoes.

#4 Cherokee Women’s Zone Clog- Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Cherokee Women’s Zone Clog is a flexible lightweight rubber clog. It is easy to maintain its cleanliness even in the busiest working areas. The clogs have 1.75” heel and removable insole. It has strap which lets the users make adjustments on how they want to wear it. There are different colors available, both patterned designs and solid colors.

PROs of this product:

  • Comfortable shoes – These clogs are comfortable which lets you work easily without experiencing pressure on the feet, knees, legs and back.
  • Slip on feature – This lets you wear the clogs easily without having to tie any laces. There is also a swivel strap to let you adjust how you want to wear the clogs.
  • Machine washable – Cherokee Women’s Zone Clog can be washed in washing machine which is a good thing especially if you are tired to clean it yourself.
  • Light weight – The clogs are light which lets you walk and run faster.

CONs of this product:

  • Poor ventilation – Some customers have complained that it can get really hot and super sweaty after 5 hours. But you can always remove the clogs from time to time.
  • Getting the right size may be tricky so most customers bought clogs one inch bigger than their real size.

#5 Nurse Mates Women’s Dove- Best Nursing Shoes for Women

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer is designed with a rubber sole as well as slip resistant bottom. It has ultra-light weight which allows you to move freely and faster. It ensures that nurses are able to work properly on their long shifts without experiencing too much fatigue.

PROs of this product:

  • Comfortable shoes – Of course, one of the features that all people are looking for in shoes is the comfort. This lets you work comfortably on your long shifts with minimum fatigue.
  • Slip resistant – This is important especially when running around the work place. It ensures that the nurses and all users are safe every step of the way.
  • Keep feet safe from chemicals – It is important that shoes can keep your feet safe from any chemicals in the workplace.

CONs of this product:

  • Bulky appearance – The shoes are not fashionable as they are really bulky. However, it is comfortable. The big appearance may not be a con for others.
  • Tight – Most customers have mentioned that they had to order half size bigger than their real size.
  • Do not have great ventilation – Feet can get very sweaty according to some customers after wearing for four hours straight. Since the shoes are easy to wear on and off, it is best to remove it once in a while to have ventilation.


Best nursing shoes for women can minimize your stress at work, not only physically but also mentally. Remember to take breaks by getting off of your feet to help you take some of the pressure building up on your joins, legs, feet and ankles off. Take a sit for few minutes each hour to improve your comfort. Just make sure that you give your feet regular breaks for them to relax to avoid blistered feet and soak soar!

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