Top 5 Best Nursing Shoes Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide 2017


Top 5 Best Nursing Shoes Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide 2017

Buying guides are counted handiest when it is supported by user reviews, so is about nursing shoes. According to best nursing shoes reviews,   These comfy shoes are known for their cushioning effect for ankles cushioned and support for knees, hips and back. This support feature makes the users relaxed even if they need to stand for longer hours. According to latest nursing shoe reviews these types of footwear are apt for professional who have to spend long hours standing. From the user aspect, these shoes are suitable for not only nurses, people working in department stores, reception, at a busy customer care desk, as well as teachers and professors who need to attend long hour classes will get great comfort by using these shoes.

Why choose the best nursing shoes?

This is one of the prime reasons nursing shoes are prescribed for not only nurses, but also for people who have a chronic problem of the ankle, or they are suffering from back pain, sciatica, or knee problem, etc. Those who work for long standing hours, no matter if they are not in the nursing profession, will enjoy the excellent comfort by wearing a pair of nursing shoe other than any other stylish footwear.

What makes the shoes special these days?

Fortunately, nursing footwear is now available widely in different colors,  made of quality material and in attractive styles that besides keeping a watch on comfort, is capable to add a sober style statement. No matter you are working as a nurse or not, even if you are working at the reception, departmental stores, or in demanding customer care, a pair of best nursing shoes will probably add some care for your foot health. But you need to know the buying tricks for selecting the best one for you to offer your feet comfort and pain-free standing experience.

Photo Credit: bigstock.com

Photo Credit: bigstock.com

Advantages of using nursing shoes

If we take a count on nursing shoes reviews, there are different distinct advantages of wearing a good pair of this specialized footwear. These are:

  • Cushioning effect for ankles helps in managing chronic ankle pain.
  • Slip resistant sole helps in getting a better grip on the floor.
  • Available both in lace and slip-on sneaker varieties for personal choice.
  • Available in washable material.
  • Available in different colors which people other than nurses can use with their regular attire.
  • Clog type nursing shoes help in protecting users’ feet from potential injuries such as falling objects, blunt force, and unwanted exposure to harmful chemicals or bodily fluids as frequently happens with people working in hospital, store, factory, or in warehouse etc.
  • Good quality nursing shoes are easy to walk in and hardly have they caused any buckling or trouble while moving through the work place.


The advantages mentioned here rightly can explain how a pair of nursing shoe can add an extra level of comfort in users’ movement, which results in  a better stamina level and fitness in the workplace. Let’s review now some of the most appraised nursing shoes available in the market to get a hang of the market view. This realistic nursing shoes reviews will help you in purchasing the right pair of shoe out of multiple options.

1. Dansko Women's Professional Tooled Clog

Dansko has been known as a global leader in footwear for last 20 years.Dansko offers different types of nursing shoes, widely known as quality footwear for comfort and durability. Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clogis quite famous for its handy features. Some of the features that will attract users’ comfort are:

  • Heel Height: 2″ that is health friendly and looks smart.
  • Material: leather upper,leather sock liner, polyurethane upper lining, EVA / polyurethane, polyurethane midsole, thermoplastic polyurethane shank, rubber outsole.
  • Detachable, 3-layered-density, polyurethane and memory foam insole offers soft and comfortable cushioning.
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole presents an elevated tread pattern that diffuses liquids, offering traction on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Steel shank in the midsole offers side-to-side stability.
  • Roomy, reinforced toe box is a safety that can wonderfully protect toes while sanctioning more space for them to move freely.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane heel counter permits the heel to move up and down for facilitating a natural walking motion.

2. Dansko Professional Oiled Full Grain Clogs

Dansko Professional Oiled Full Grain Clogs nursing shoes are good looking and offer great comfort and support for its users. Available in two different colors like espresso and ebony, this shoe model can be a good option for purchasing quality nursing shoe. Some of the prime features and benefits of this nursing shoe model are:

  • Slip-resistant outsole allows users to be steady on feet for longer time.
  • Polypropylene inner frame offers quality support or foot to control foot rolling tendency.
  • Leather made upper along with a padded instep collar is extremely handy for reducing irritation of wearing a shoe.
  • Roomy, reinforced toe box offers t plenty of wiggle room for toes and works as a protective barrier.
  • Soft, breathable leather sock liner helps in reducing moisture build-up inside the shoe and keeps the shoe interior hygienic.
  • Rocker bottom outsole pushes the foot forward and is capable to absorb shock for ensuring a smooth, unforced walk.

3.Dansko Women's Pro Xp Mule Shoe

Dansko Women’s Pro Xp Mule Shoe looks out an out professional nursing shoe because it is available in different black shades mostly. However, some of these models come with white and black stripes that wonderfully adds sophisticated appeal for its users. These nursing shoes go with both casual and formal attires. Some of the most significant features of these Dansko models are:

  • The nursing shoes of these models are made of good quality Leather
  • Synthetic sole offers comfort, durability, and non-allergic endurance,
  • Heel measures approximately 2″ and Platform measures approximately 1.0″ that helps users to keep their balance even in the utmost hurry on the floor.
  • Slip-on leather mule comes with roomy toe box and fitted with anti-fatigue rocker bottom.

4. Dansko Women's Professional Clog

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog models are one of the most popular nursing shoe models that look chic and trendy with multiple bright color variations along with traditional black and mocha colors.The prime features of this popular nursing shoe models are:

  • The shoe variants are available both in Leather or Fabric
  • The model comes with Synthetic sole
  • The Heel measures approximately 1.5″, which is perfectly fine for smart look, but great balance even on faster walk,
  • Platform measures approximately 1″, and it ensures great balance,
  • Comfort-minded clog presents roomy covered toe box for shielding of toe and in addition to its polyurethane outsole is used with rocker bottom for quick and optimum shock absorption.
  • Padded instep collar is another convenience feature,
  • Box type heel strike is added in the nursing shoe model to ensure greater stability.

AnyWear Women’s Exact Health Care & Food Service Shoe model of nursing shoes from AnyWear offers great comfort and return value of the investment. These models of shoes are good looking, stylish, and above all offers great durability. Some of the significant features of the nursing clogs model are:

  • These shoes offer with unique fitting comfort,
  • The shoes come with synthetic sole and that is slip resistant.
  • Heel measures up to 1.25” and platform measures around 0.5″ that adds great maneuvering in fast and random walking on all types of floors.
  • The model Slip-on clog comes with features like a detachable pad with opening channels and flexible traction-pod outsole.


How to buy the best nursing shoes?

Before you buy a quality nursing shoes you need to select a model first. You should select reputable portals for finding quality nursing shoes. Once you have selected your preferred models of nursing shoe, complete these interrelated steps:

  • Select the product,
  • Select the size: it is always wise to check the size chart if available to be sure of the size of the nursing shoe you are ordering,
  • Select the color and check if the product is available for instant purchase,
  • Select the payment mode,
  • Fill the delivery form according to instruction (name, address, etc.)
  • Pay the amount billed or you can book Cash-on-delivery mode if available.

Check with the website if you will be given a tracking ID to track your consignment. If the ID is shared, keep on track the consignment on the way till it reaches at your home.

Frequently asked question

Are these products oil slip protective?

Yes. Nursing shoes are mostly oil slip protective. Therefore users can walk fast on the floor and they will hardly face any issue of falling on the floor because of the tight grip of the sole.

Are men’s nursing shoes are different?

It is always good to select shoes designated for men/women. Before purchasing a nursing shoe online check if it meant for men or women.

What upper material choices do I have?

The best nursing shoes are made from one of the following list of materials: leather, synthetic leather suede, patent leather, rubber, polyurethane or polypropylene.

Are these shoes washable?

There are different varieties available or purchase If you have taken a fabric made nursing shoe it can be washed. Check with users’ manual about the maintenance suggestion.

Can these shoes be used for other purposes?

Yes of course; not only nurses, these shoes can be used by other people who wants to enjoy walking, are suffering from chronic pain of ankle, knee, hip, and back.

How these shoes are claimed as anti-slip?

The soles of nursing shoes are made with durable, easy to clean, and grippy material. Rubber is a good choice for the tile floors that usually nurses walk on. However, before purchase you need to check if the shoe sole is offering you proper traction.

How to find nursing shoes that will fit your needs

As per the best nursing shoes is concerned, you need to pay close attention to the personal needs of a user intending to use a nursing footwear. You need to measure user’s feet before shopping in order to get an accurate idea of the exact shape of the foot. It is always wise to take the measurement after whole day work because after long day walk feet get slightly swollen than their typical size.

You need to take the measurement of the foot arch area. This is a prime area where a user needs ample support from her footwear. According to nursing shoe reviews from manufacturer, shoes with bad arch support could impact negatively on ankles, knees, hips, and back after 1-2 hours of wearing.

How can I find my right size online?

You can use a sizing conversion chart if necessary. It is always good to ask for customer care assistance for determining the shoe size you need.

How to use it best?

It is always better to buy the manufacturer’s recommendation. As an overall instruction, you need to buff the shoe with a leather cleaner or polish.  After cleaning the shoes with leather polish, wipe off with a dry cloth to preserve its sheen.

Tips for purchasing the best nursing shoes:

There are several tips for purchasing nursing shoes; however, sometimes you may not find these instructions handy to understand. As an instant go, you can follow some typical factors, which can help you in purchasing a nursing shoe with great comfort and utility. These factors are:

  • Weight and Comfort: for online purchase, you can get the hang of these factors from users review. It is always better to consult at least 5-10 users’ view to get an average idea about the factor.
  • Support and stability: users’ review should be the best resource for decision. However, you can check the feature list.
  • Slip Resistance: you need to check the sole quality of the nursing shoe model you have shortlisted. The quality of slip resistance is claimed by the manufacturer. However good quality nursing shoes are mostly slip resistant. According to nursing shoe reviews,SATRA and ASTM standard certified slip resistance is worth considering.
  • Design and shape: you need to check the colors available before ordering. Besides leather, fabric, and polyurethane upper lining, some of the best nursing shoes models are available with soft elastic materials. However, these shoes are mostly used with casual attire.
  • Work function: You need to consider the functionality of the shoe before purchase.
  • Price and warranty: Warranty comes from the manufacturer; you need to check the warranty coverage. In price, it can vary from one shop to another. It’s always wise to check and purchase shoes from reputable shops only.


Finding a quality nursing shoe can be a daunting task, but if you follow the guideline explained here, we hope, your task will be somehow easier. However best nursing shoes reviews are important resources in your purchase decision. Moreover, it is wise to shop from a place where if necessary, you can process an exchange claim on the ground that the nursing shoe you have purchased does not suit your need. Once you get the hang of the product, it will be easier for you, decide the right size and re-place the order.

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