How To Choose The Best Nursing Shoes

Remember that last pair of uncomfortable shoes that you bought, the pain of wearing them is still etched in your memory. Every time you think of the experience you had with them, you shiver. You know, we have all been through this. Nursing shoes are the solution to it!

Nursing shoes come in many varieties and styles, shapes and designs. It is difficult sometimes to figure which one suits you the best. But, we are here to help!



Each nursing shoe works differently, they are built for different functions and if not selected properly, they can add to your frustrations and stress of a day instead of relieving you for which they are supposedly built. So, what are the key things to consider when deciding which nursing shoes to buy:

  • Comfort and light weight
  • Stability and stable frame
  • Grip
  • Shape and Design
  • Price point
  • Durability
  • Functional built

Each of these key points are important for you to consider before you make any decision of buying and using these nursing shoes in the long haul. And just to add, keep in mind that the same set of criteria applies for nursing shoes of men and women. So, let’s talk about these tips in details.

Comfort and light weight: Consider this, your shoes are your companion throughout the day, every minute of the day. Just imagine then, how important is it for you to look into whether your companion for the day is keeping your comfortable in its company. Heavy built shoes can sometimes look good, but they are a pain to lift around the whole day. It may affect your energy levels and cause to you give up quickly on your day job. Hence, this is your top tip to pick the best nursing shoe.

Stability and Stable frame: As a nurse, you will work long shifts, day shifts, night shifts sometimes overnight over hauls. Your shoes should give you a seamless experience. You should feel like you are barefoot, if not a better feel than that. The best shoes support your ankle and knee, take care of your calf muscles while walking, support your back and saves you from leg pain because of constant walking around.

Grip: While running around in the workshops, laboratories, steps up and down, you as a nurse will need a friend to have your back. The best nursing shoe know how to take care of you running around. They have the strong grip that lets you efficiently run from here to there and make your busy day fruitful without accidently tripping over.

Shape and Design: We know you want to look good in your nursing shoes. There comes the consideration for good looking shoes. A shape that’s sturdy at the same time stylish. Crocs, Clogs and Sneakers might make for trendy designs but make sure you look at the grip and other aspects as mentioned above before you make a buy.

Price point: The cost of nursing shoes are influenced by the material, design, demand and durability. You have to do an intelligent integrative calculation to reach at a price point which is wise for you to go for a particular pair. We would suggest you to stick to a mid-range product instead of going for the really cheap ones in lieu of quality and durability.

Durability: How long do you want your nursing shoes to be there for you? 1 year or maybe 2? We claim that a good quality nursing shoe can serve you upto 3 years of lifetime. Most of them manage to look pretty good too but that can depend upon how well have you kept them and how frequently have you used them? Normally, we suggest you to have multiple pair of shoes that you can wear interchangeably for better durability of each of them. It’s a pretty neat trick. Try it.

Functional built: Last but not the least, you cannot use a sneaker as a proper nursing shoe. It is not what it’s made for. Buy the shoes which are custom made for nursing and you will notice a visible difference in your work output throughout the day.

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