Running with Your Dog – All You Need to Know

running-with-your-dog-what-you-need-to-know-aboutWhat You Need To Know When Running with Your Dog

Your pet can also become your best running buddy. Whether you just want to go out f or a run or go to the top of the hill, you will never get bored with the company of your dog. Even if you are busy during the day at work or at school, dogs are always excited to spend some quality time with their owners. Taking your pet during your early workout will not only keep you fit but also your dog! Running with your dog in the morning or afternoon gives both of you proper training.

Dogs Also Need Exercises

Just like us, your pet also needs exercises to maintain their health. Giving time with your dog whether playing or running can also boost their happiness which can lead to longer life! Running with your dog can help the both of you to stay healthy. Dogs are our most loyal buddies and you can definitely trust them to stay by your side when running pass the streets.

Breeds That Are Best for Running

Not all dogs can run as much as we do. All dogs like running activities but not all of them can run long distances. The breeds that are best for running are greyhounds, a border collie, huskies, Alaskan Malamute, bulldogs, pugs, Dalmatian, whippet, vizsla, Labrador retriever and Rhodesian ridgeback.

Still, most dogs love to run so you can always take your dogs with you to short distances to keep them healthy. Since most dogs are reported to be obese, it is best to give them daily exercises to prevent health problems.

Prepare Your Dogrunning-with-your-dog-what-you-need-to-know-about-1

If you are already a runner or you have been running before you have decided to take your dog with you, it is best to give your dog some preparation. If your dog is less than a year old, you can start taking your dog for a walk or a run for few hundred meters. Put on your dog’s harness and do not unleash your dog yet. Walk with your dog together or run and practice your pet’s obedience.

It is also important to let your dog see many people to let your pet become sociable. There are cases that dogs can be scared of the crowd. Once your dog gets used to running while staying beside you, then you can begin running with your dog for longer distances.

Be Alert At All Times

Running with your dog needs a great amount of dedication. There are many distractions outdoors such as other dogs, crowd, children, vehicles and more. Make sure that you have your entire dog’s attention and always check your pet’s behavior.

When running with your dog, do not forget to consider the temperature. Some dogs can easily suffer from heat stroke especially when the sun is at its peak. It is best to run with your dog early in the morning or during the afternoon.

Check if Your Dog is Experiencing Pain

Dogs can also suffer from different types of pain such as muscle pain. If you notice something wrong with the way your dog runs or walks, give your dog a break to heal. To prevent muscle pain, make sure that your dog is already used to long distances or running activities. If not, give your buddy a warm-up for weeks or months. Like us, we also need warm-up before going further.

Give Your Dog More Food

Same as humans, dogs also become hungrier when they are active. If you are running with your dog every day or at least twice a week, make sure to make adjustments on your pet’s meal. Always give water before and after running with your dog to avoid dehydration. Give enough amount of food to your dog to replenish the energy lost from exercising with their best friend!

It is indeed fun to run with your dog. They are the happiest living thing when spending quality time with their owners! Give them the exercise that they need to keep the both of you healthy.

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