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Get the Right Pair Among 5 Top Rated Nursing Shoes

As nurses, having one pair of the top rated nursing shoes is already a way of relaxation in the middle of work. Without the right pair, your feet would not be able to handle those long hours of shifts. Some pairs available in the market are designed specifically for nurses.

Why Do Nurses Need the Most Comfortable Shoes

No one needs quality made, comfortable and supportive shoes more than nurses. Just try to work half a day shift in few rows with a pair of shoes that are too short or a little bit narrow and your feet will be shouting in pain! This is an unhappy truth as many nurses are not only suffering from foot pain but also joint pain, knees, thighs and back pain. There are other physical pains as well and those are because of the shoes that are either poorly made or do not fit properly.

Themail goal of top rated nursing shoes is to provide long-lasting comfort for our dear nurses. Not only feet should be good but ankles, knees, back and hips are ought to be supported. Working as a nurse is difficult enough plus dealing with grave situations, demanding doctors, anguished patients and their families and more people every day. It is only right that during your long hours of shifts, you allow your feet to be comfortable without feeling so much pain.

Top rated nursing shoes

Benefits of Wearing Quality Pair of Shoes

A quality pair of shoes for nurses can provide support not only for your feet but also your joints, legs and back. This support is very important especially for nurses who are walking, running and standing all day to attend the needs of their patients. Using one of the top rated nursing shoes can also prevent possible health problems in the future such as slipped discs and arthritis.

During the times of understaffed, nurses are required to work for 12 hours straight. They help in different tasks there are such as providing assistance in lifting patients or giving them baths. Aside from that, nurses have to run as fast as they could to reach their patients and attend their needs. A quality pair of shoes can prevent heel pain, back, legs and joint pains after the long duty.

Posture Support–Good pair of shoes can improve your posture. It prevents you from experiencing leg pain as well as low back pain. This is important for nurses to give them more endurance in finishing their daily tasks.

Prevents health problems – Nurses are more likely to develop health ailments such as muscle cramps, arthritis and low back pain due to over fatigue on their feet. These health problems can be prevented by using the right pair of shoes for hospital work.

Provides Maximum Comfort – There is no question that nurse is one of the hardest jobs there is. The weight of long hours shift can feel less when wearing one of the top rated nursing shoes so that your feet can feel comfortable despite the whole day of work.

Arch Support–The most important factor of a healthy shoe is the arch support. People with low and high arches have the same problems when it comes to finding shoes that offer stable support. Fortunately, there are many nursing shoes that provide excellent arch support which also gives additional comfort when running and walking in your busy area.

Resists Slip – Nurses are more likely to experience fall injuries,slip and trip especially in nursing homes. There are frequent spills on the floors and it is important that your shoes offerslip-resistant feature as well as water-resistant. As a nurse, it is important that you also ensure your safety.

Flexibility and Speed – If you are wearing lightweight nursing shoes and also comfortable, you areable move around faster. This important especially for nurses so they can attend the needs of the patients faster.

Characteristics of Top Rated Nursing Shoes

Nursing shoes are different from regular ones. Here are some characteristics that you should look for:

With Excellent Arch Support – It will support your foot arch as well as posture when standing, running and walking around the hospital.

Lightweight – Lightweight shoes allow you to move around faster and can prevent health issues associatedto pressure on feet and fatigue.

Durable – Nurses need to be on their feet all the time so it is important that the shoes can last long and tough enough.

Slip-resistant – There are probably a lot of spills on the floor from time to time so the shoes that nurses should wear are slip-resistant to avoid tripping or slipping.

Easy to clean or wash – As a nurse, you do not have enough time to clean your shoes. It is important that the shoes you will choose are easy to clean.

Top Rated Nursing Shoes

To make it easier for you, we have selected 5 top rated nursing shoes that you can check and choose from. Of course, you can always choose the right shoes for you according to your preferences. Just remember not to sacrifice quality over design.

#1 Dansko Women's Professional Clog - Top rated Nursing Shoes

Dansko is one of the most popular brands of durable shoes withhigh reputationfor excellent quality. These shoes have elegant leather upper whichgive some points to professional style. According to customers, these shoes haveunique sole design which can alleviate joint problems while providing better back alignment.

PROs of this product:

  • These shoes are practical with professional designs. It did not sacrifice the looks.
  • Dansko women’s Professional Clog is designed for maximum comfort.
  • It has excellent built-in arch support which can help in reducing stress while promoting better posture. It also prevents knees,hips and back pain.
  • The bottom part of the shoes can reduce both pressure and fatigue on joints.
  • These shoes are easy to clean so that is a plus for some nurses who do not have the time to clean their shoes. You can simply wipe it with an alcohol.

CONs of this product:

  • The sizing can be different since it is a European brand. Many customers mentioned that the sizes are too small so they recommend ordering a size and a half up.
  • Some customers do not find these shoes comfortable because these are not really cushy. That’s because these shoes providesolid and supportive base for better posture.

#2 Timberland Renova - Top rated Nursing Shoes

Timberland Renova is simple yet packed with awesome features that nurses love. Aside from its rocker sole, it providesnon-slip grip and special cushioning system that makes it one of the nurses’ favorite choices.

PROs of this product:

  • It has excellent structure insole that can provide strong arch support. Some customers mentioned that these shoes allowed her to keep good posture which stopped her slouching habit.
  • These shoes have full-grain upper leather with Scotchgard stain protection. That’s excellent for nurses who also do not have enough time to wipe their shoes. The leather holds up pretty well even when wiping it with alcohol every day.
  • It includes special cushioning in the insole which gives more comfort. Many customers mentioned that Renova’s shoes were very comfortable and supportive.
  • These shoes are also non-slip which is important when working on smooth and wet surfaces.

CONs of this product:

  • Some reviewers mentioned that the shoes felt very tight in the beginning but the more they use the shoes, the more it becomes comfortable. The leather became softer and became better for the feet.
  • It can produce squeaky sounds so some customers recommend the use of lubricants at the bottom of the shoes to remove the annoying sounds. However, some customers do not mind that at all.

#3 Brooks Addiction Walker  - Top rated Nursing Shoes

These shoes are designed with additional comfort and excellent for people with foot problems. Customers who purchased these shoes found relief from their heel pain, joint problems, hips and more. It hascustomizable insole and one of the top rated nursing shoes for stability. Many podiatrists recommended Addiction Walkers

PROs of this product:

  • These shoes provide amazing supportive cushioning.
  • The structured insole is removable for users who prefer to use orthotics.
  • Brooks Addiction Walker has one of the thickest soles on the carpet which means that there is a lot of room for your feet to sink into.
  • It provides slip-resistant outsole which is one of the features nurses have to look for.
  • According to buyers, these shoes are easy to clean and that the leather finish is very easy to maintain.
  • An extra cushion is included which provides more comfort for long hours ofshift.

CONs of this product:

  • The shoes fit accurately so there is not much room for thick socks. If you wear orthotic insoles or heavy socks, many customers recommend buying a half-size up.
  • It has bulky soles and lack of fashion but many customers do not mind that at all since they prefer function over design.

#4 Skecher Sport Women's Loving  - Top rated Nursing Shoes

Loving Life Sneakers are one of the favorite shoes of nurses. These include additional cushion and also inexpensive. Another goodfeatureof Loving Life Sneakers is that they are washable. It is a great feature for nurses who are working in messy places.

PROs of this product:

  • These shoes fit comfortably just like wearing slippers. It is light to wear as it is made from mesh fabrics and foam which allows nurses to walk and run faster.
  • Its upper mesh is flexible and also breathable which keeps your feet dry.
  • Its memory foam sole is supportive and molds into your feet while the outsole provides excellent flexibility and traction.
  • This is a good choice for people suffering from feet problems such as plantar fasciitis.

CONs of this product:

  • The appearance of these shoes is not formal so you may have to ask your employer if wearing these shoes is allowed.
  • Some customers mentioned that these shoes do not have the traction timberlands offer.
  • The upper part of the shoe is a bit tight at first but most customers said that the shoes are elasticated and very comfortable.
  • There are reviewers who mentioned that the shoes are not supportive enough.

#5 Alegria Paloma  - Top rated Nursing Shoes

These shoes are fashionable and come in different solid colors and patterns which are more fashionable than other shoes. One of the top rated nursing shoes, AlegriaPalomacatches a lot of attention. This is the best option for those who want a strong personal style while working. Aside from being attractive, Alegria shoes are also comfortable which make nurses come back for more.

PROs of this product:

  • These shoes are made with stylish leather that comes with different designs. The leather is easy to clean and it also looks professional. There are great color combinations and styles that you can choose from.
  • The leather insole has built-in arch support which givesstructure the feet need to withstand long hours ofshift.
  • The insole is removable so nurses can put orthotic.
  • These shoes are great for people suffering from heel pain or other foot problems like plantar fasciitis.
  • Its rocker outsolesupport good posture. The bottom alsomake nurses feel like walking naturally.

CONs of this product:

  • These shoes can squeak sometimes so some customers recommended using a silicone lubricant to solve the problem.


There are many nursing shoes available in the market but some of them may not provide the right features your feet need. As a nurse, you need to consider all the characteristics of must have shoes. You also need to know your feet better in order to get the right pair. Do you have high, medium or lower arches? Are you currently experiencing pain such as low back pain, heel pain or joint pain?

After checking the shoes we mentioned above and you still cannot find the right shoes for your feet problem, we suggest that you visit a podiatrist to have a check on your feet and get the right measurements. They can also recommend you the right shoes for you in case you are experiencing pain.

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