How to Wear Compression Shorts

How to Wear Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are one of the most important garments of athletes used for making separation between the hamstrings and the groin muscles. People who are also physically active use compression shorts to prevent the chances of getting skin rashes or chafing caused by extreme physical activities.

Compression shorts compress the leg muscles including the hamstrings, glutes and quads for stabilization of the muscles which reduce the possibility of injuries and skin problems. These shorts enhance performance and muscle recovery. In addition to that, they improve blood and oxygen circulation to increase blood flow while keeping the body comfortable during extensive exercises. This is the reason why runners wear compression shorts.

People who also stand for long hours or perform many physical activities also benefit from compression shorts. These shorts keep the muscles warm while preventing rashes to occur.

Features of Compression Shorts

To achieve all the benefits of compression shorts, it is important to know how to wear compression shorts properly. Getting the right shorts that fit correctly allows you to be comfortable while performing physical activities. Many brands offer great features such as high-quality material for additional comfort when running.

Before buying compression shorts, here are some features that you need to look for to get the most out of it.

1. Fit Properly

Whether you are an athlete or you just perform activities that require compression shorts, you will need one that fits properly. Even though these shorts can increase blood circulation, ill-fitting shorts can make you feel sore and uncomfortable. Compression shorts are only beneficial when they fit properly which makes it feel like the shorts are your second skin as these provide proper level of compression.

Compression shorts that properly fit have direct contact to the skin and support the right areas of your muscles.

2. Features

There are many great features that you should look for in compression shorts. For instance, most compression shorts comes with a feature that wicks sweat away to keep athletes cool and dry so they can focus on their exercises or other physical activities. This feature keeps you comfortable before the sweat tries to irritate you. Some compressions also have breathable fabric to keep the thighs dry.

Some athletes prefer shorts that provide warmth so they look for thicker compression shorts. Warm compression shorts can also increase muscle recovery while improving blood and oxygen circulation throughout the lower part of the body. Some shorts also offer antibacterial feature to prevent the growth of microbes and odor.

If you sweat easily, having shorts with that eliminates sweat and antibacterial features is ideal to prevent bacteria, rashes and other skin problems to occur. Like what we mentioned, the shorts should fit properly to experience all the benefits they have to offer such as the right level of compression. You can try different sizes or brands to determine your right size. The shape and cut of shorts are slightly different from each manufacturer.

The type of materials used is also important to prevent skin problems. There are compression shorts that are also made of certain types of fabric that may cause chafing or skin rashes so make sure that you check the materials they are made of carefully before you decide which one to get.

3. Length and Style

When it comes to length and style of the compression shorts, make sure that they are comfortable enough so you can perform your physical activities. For instance, basketball players use different compression shorts from runners. You can get the most out of it if you have the right pair designed for the activity you perform.



Some athletes prefer longer compression shorts to cover more parts and for additional warmth. This is ideal for those who live in colder climate so there is no need to limit your option to shorts. Some prefer shorter and use them as undergarment. There are also runners who prefer compression shorts that are a little loose and not too tight.


Now that you have ideas of how to wear compression shorts, you can easily choose the right compression shorts for you and for the physical activity you perform. There are many brands that offer high quality materials and great features that are beneficial to your activities and to your skin.

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